Sunday, 22 November 2020 out the Grinch is about!


Pirate boot-camp was successfully completed on Thursday and I am pleased to say that all of Reception have been recruited as the new crew on the Jolly Johnson pirate ship! Stretching, rolling, jumping, climbing  up, over and through, swinging and lots of risk taking.........

We celebrated our treat afternoon by watching the Grinch cartoon and nibbling some yummy, scrumptious pop-corn and cake! It was strange because the very next day the real Grinch appeared at school trying to steal our Christmas! We had a top secret, whole school assembly thinking of a plan to convince the Grinch to keep Christmas!!!!! this space!!!!!!!!!!!!

Home Learning: Share and enjoy library books, Read RWInc book daily, Power Maths work book week 2.

I think an exciting day may be brewing for tomorrow.................

...................see you all in the morning!

Mrs. J, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hibberd

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Reception, Wednesday 18th November 2020


What a drizzly day! It certainly didn't stop us having fun in the rain!

The children are truly blowing us away with their learning in RWInc and Power Maths. The pace at which they are learning is "shamazing"!!!!!!! We have been learning about the Nativity story and practising singing Away in a Manger, ready for filming next Tuesday. We invited Mr. Spracklen to come and be an audience for us and he was simply astounded by the confidence and beautiful, tuneful singing!

Please return library books and RWInc books TOMORROW - thank you!

Treat afternoon tomorrow; we have been counting down the sleeps! Yippee!

See you all tomorrow.

Mrs. J, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hibberd

Monday, 16 November 2020

Reception Monday 16th November 2020


Hello to you all!

Thank you to all of you for participating in Children in Need day and, this week, Anti-bullying Week!

In order for this subject to be sensitively approached in an age appropriate manner, we used our Jigsaw lesson to discuss and share what it means to be a friend and the qualities of a good friend. Each child then drew their friends on a leaf and added them to our friendship tree (in the picture I have spelt it "frendship" so that the children could read it phonetically.) This stimulated some very mature and thought provoking observations from the children. It did bring a lump to our throats!!!!! What a caring and considerate class!

Thank you for all the kind donations of arts and crafts materials and junk modelling, we are in constant need so this is a huge help!

We have worked so hard as a team that we filled our dragon gem jar to the top.................treat time!!!!!! We are planning a movie with pop corn on Thursday afternoon (the children's choice!)........well done Reception! We really do understand the value of helping eachother, using kindness, being caring and sharing! We are very proud of you ALL.

PS: Alex has misplaced his book bag, please can you check the names on yours, thank you.

See you all tomorrow,

A VERY proud Mrs. J, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hibberd

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Reception Thursday 12th November 2020


Good evening,

A few things to update you on..................

  • Tomorrow, as I am sure you are aware, it is Children in Need Day - children may wear something spotty OR a bright coloured top. We will collect voluntary donations in class. Thank you.

  • Thank you for all the very unique and creative poppies we had in, our wreath was placed in town by Year 4. Yesterday we heald a minutes silence after discussing the Cbeebies animation and the meaning of Remembrance Day. The children were very thoughtful and understanding, and actually quite moved. They loved designing their own poppies, thinking about the shapes of the petals, the size and the colours resulting in some beautiful, independent and individual pieces of art.

  • Thank you for returning library books today;all children had the opportunity to choose two new library books. Keep them at home for the week, they do not need to come backwards and forwards - children love re-reading and sharing familiar and favourite stories.

  • Those using RWInc books, your new ones will come home tomorrow - please DO NOT return them before the following Thursday as the RWInc ethos is that they are kept at home and the child can repeatedly re-read them to develop fluency and confidence.

  • Tomorrow, each child will come home with their Power Maths workbook. This is to stay at home until the Christmas Holiday, when we will ask for it ot be returned. This week, please share the pages that refer to week 1 at the top (do not be tempted to carry on through th book). There are deeper learning questions at the bottom of the page which you can use if you child needs to be extended.
We have continued to learn about pirates this week, developing our crew's skills in PE today! Exploring different ways to move around our pirate ship aparatus! We also need to test different ways to roll, rolling away from cannon balls! Many of our pirate crew have designed, cut out and attached their very own pirate hats as well as create their own ship's flag! We had to be very vigilant as pirates, drawing and writing down what we could see through our telescopes - you wouldn't believe what we saw!!!!!!

We successfully filled our dragon gem jar, so watch this space for a team treat next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please could you send in any junk modelling, old christmas cards, wrapping paper, buttons, sequins or ribbon that you may have, a carrier bag full from everyone would be amazing!

Thanks to you all once again, and thankyou for all your positive, supportive smily faces each day!

Mrs. J, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hibberd.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Reception - Building Learning Powers

Jesse and Edith blew Mr. Spracklen's socks off on Friday! They both read to him and he was soooooo impressed that he not only gave them a gold Head Teacher sticker, but also a golden token for the Keen Bean Reading Machine! Wow! Well done!

        Pirate Art work

Half Term Home Learning

BLP - Building Learning Powers

At the Prince of Wales School we believe passionately about building learning powers. These are a set of powers that each child will develop and grow throughout their time at our school. Last half term we met Reggie the Resilient Tortoise. This half term we will be meeting Rose the Resourceful Spider.

See you all tomorrow!

Mrs. J, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hibberd

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Reception - 1st week back after half term!


Never underestimate what a child can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We were astounded at how fantastically well ALL the children returned to school following 2 weeks holiday! Running through the door, smiling faces and completely ready to learn!

Unfortunately, we were invaded by a pirate crew who stole Donna and Dave, along with a bowl full of golden coins!!!!!! We wrote messages on scrolls to the pirates as well as creating posters to put around the school, describing this terrible crew. We have designed various boats and ships from all sorts of materials and then tested them to see which ones floated. We also used our curious science brains to ask "I wonder........" and "maybe........" questions and ideas to think about why huge boats could float and also to think about which materials were best at floating when we designed our boats. The children enjoyed experimenting and were particularly enthused by our whole class experiment to investigate surface tension! This stimulated lots of discussion and thinking. There have also been some incredible paintings of pirate ships and pirates, with great attention to detail and colour choice. Ofcourse, we are also learning various pirate songs, sharing pirate stories and were enrolled as the new crew on Captain Johnson's ship today following our Pirate PE!!!!!!!

A reminder that EVERY THURSDAY we will be changing the children's library books - so please return them each Thursday. 

Today we enjoyed a celebration of bonfire night by toasting marshmellows on the campfire at forest school and singing campfire songs.

We successfully launched our 3 different RWInc phonic groups this week, based upon prior assessment. Children in some groups will bring a RWInc book home with them tomorrow - this should be kept at home for the week and returned EVERY Friday. If your child does not bring one home, please do not be worried - all children grasp phonics at different points - they WILL get there! Most importantly we do NOT want to rush children, our aim is that ALL children feel secure, confident and above all, successful in their phonic knowledge. We are very proud of all our children, they are trying so hard!

Tomorrow, you will also receive a copy of the new Prince of Wales EYFS Curriculum.

If any families or individuals are struggling for any reason during this next lock down - whether it is financially, with health difficulties or with mental health issues, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or at drop off/pick up. We are most definitely a community here and we are here to help! We can weather this storm together and stand united with you all! Not only are your children at the heart of everything we do, you matter to us too!

Big hugs,

Mrs. J, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hibberd.

Monday, 26 October 2020

Reception - ideas for fun activities this week - why not give one of them a try!

Hi Everyone!

Brambly Hedge Autumn

I can't believe the incredible Autumnal colours around - how do you forget them each year! Beautiful.........if you would like to make use of the extraordinary leaves and their vibrant colours, why not try the link below!

Autumn Leaf Crafts 

Why not try making milk bottle ghost lanterns.............spooky

How about some Halloween themed cooking and baking! Yummy

How about having a family fancy dress day - how creative can you be with items in your house and wardrobe - let them use face paints on you! Use your imagination!

Brambly Hedge story Brambly Hedge animatio

Percy the Park Keeper Stormy Day animation

How about sharing some Winnie the Witch books ...........

Please send items, photos, momentos, drawings, paintings of your half term adventures!

Have fun!

Mrs. J, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hibberd.