Thursday, 4 April 2019

Reception Home Learning coming home tomorrow!

Reception Easter Holiday Home Learning 2019

Choose your learning from this list or add your own ideas!

  • Go to the local library and choose some books to read and share, or read stories you have at home.
  • Go to the park and climb, run, bounce, swing, walk;ride a bike or a scooter on the way.
  • Play a board game.
  • Complete a puzzle.
  • Go on a Spring walk and notice all the sights, changes and sounds around you - animals, plants, trees, flowers, insects, birds…………can you take some photos using the camera by yourself?
  • Draw an Easter picture.
  • Make an Easter bonnet.
  • Use junk modelling to make a nest, a rabbit, a chick, a lamb, a tree, or a flower……….
  • Practise your Fred-talk, play sound “hang-man” (but done with a flower as the picture), practise your handwriting and letter formation.
  • Watch the Peter Rabbit film or read the book and write your own story about Peter Rabbit.
  • Write an Easter poem.
  • Write a story about the Easter bunny or an Easter egg.
  • Find out facts about Easter.
  • Count how many Easter eggs you get/eat, practise your number formation and recognition, go egg rolling and measure how far your egg goes, weigh your Easter eggs and see which is the heaviest/lightest, make an Easter egg hunt for your family with numbers on the eggs, draw chicks in a nest and count them. Do some adding and taking away number sentences. Count how many days of the holidays you have left before school starts. Read the days of the week on the calendar. Practise telling the O'clock time. Time how long it takes you to do something (eat an easter egg!!!!!).


Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Reception and Pre-School class trip cancelled!

Good evening Everyone,

Unfortunately, Mrs. Nineham and I had to make a call today to cancel our trip tomorrow. This was due to the weather. There would have been no shelter and trying to picnic, carry out art activities and climb on the equipment it would have been too wet and slippy!

Thank you to those of you who kindly offered to join us on the trip, we really appreciated your offer.

Bring packed lunches as already planned for tomorrow.

We plan to carry out a Spring themed morning on Thursday with fun activities in and around the school grounds weather permitting.

Sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Reception w/c 1st April 2019

Good evening everyone!

Thank you to those of you who were able to come to the first ever PoW Phonics Bingo after school on Friday - it was great fun and we even had some Reception winners!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reminder that it is our farm trip tomorrow, so please wear school tops and old leggings/trousers as well as wellies and coats.

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered to accompany us on our trip this Wednesday. If the weather forecast is correct, we may have to cancel the trip but we will make that decision on Tuesday and let you know.

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and have made the most of the glorious weather!

See you all tomorrow!

Mrs. J

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Reception Home Learning - Friday 29th March 2019

This home learning will come home in the red books tomorrow - thank you to all of you who have sent in some lovely examples of home learning via children's work or via photographs - it's great to see and the children are so proud!

Reception Home Learning
Friday 29th March 2019

Read and share your book and other stories.

Signs of Spring Maths, choose something from the following ideas: Go on a spring walk - what signs of spring can you see? Can you count them……………, trees, birds nests etc How could you record this? Collect some insects and discuss which ones are bigger, smaller, longer and shorter. Roll a dice or two dice and use the number of spots to add spots to a drawing or painting of a lady bird or a pig. Estimate how many petals are on a flower that you see, then count them to check. Bake spring themed biscuits using your maths skills to help you. Go onto purple mash and draw a spring themed picture discussing numbers as you create it - how many petals/legs etc.

Signs of Spring writing: Find a picture or a real life object that reminds you of spring and write 5 words that describe that picture, using your sounds and Fred fingers to help you. If you would like a challenge………….: You could write a spring themed poem like we did in class!

Thank you again to all of you who have volunteered to accompany us next week on our trip!

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Reception - spring and trip help!

Yet another wonderfully sunny day! Perfect for inspiring Spring themed poetry! Some amazing writing is appearing, we will endeavour to update the pieces in the writing hall of fame for you all to see next week.

A Huuuuuuuuuuge thank you to everyone that was able to spare time at the weekend to help prepare and seed our outside area. We can't wait to use it!!!!!! We have planted some seeds in our large planter and plan to do a lot more!

If anyone is available for next Wednesdays trip, please do let us know, we need 4 more ideally. Thank you to Ursula's mum for volunteering! Don't forget to hand your reply slip in to the office.

Home learning is coming in thick and fast - well done everyone. We are seeing a real impact from the reading, writing and numeracy that is being done at home - super job!!!

Forest schools tomorrow still for Winnie, Rabbit and Owl.

See you all tomorrow - bring the sunshine with you again please!
From the Reception Little Miss Sunshine Team

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Reception trip - volunteers needed!

Good evening,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, making the most of the glorious weather today!

Wednesday 3rd April is our Pre-School and Reception spring term class trip. We need 5 volunteers to accompany us. The coach will be leaving school at 10am and picking us up at 12:45 to come back to school. If you are able to volunteer and would like to come with us, please come in and let us know - You will need to drive there as there will not be enough spaces on the coach and we would recommend lift sharing for parking purposes! (Oh and bring wellies;be prepared to stand in a stream!!!!!)

Thank you to Mrs. Haigh for the seeds and plants you donated, we really appreciate it.......time to get gardening!

See you all tomorrow.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Reception Home Learning Friday 22nd March

Reception Home Learning Friday 22nd March 2019

  • Read and share your book.

  • Frog Prince maths, choose your learning: Can you see how many times you can throw and catch a ball. Can you roll a ball and see how far it goes - how will you measure the distance? Practise writing your numbers onto paper lily pads, get someone to call out one of the numbers and you have to do a froggy jump to land on it. Could you go for a swim at the pool and see how many widths or lengths you can swim, can you pick any objects off the bottom off the pool like the Frog Prince - count how many. How many times can you jump into the pool? Have you got a pond - could you go pond dipping and see how many tadpoles or frog spawn you can count.

  • Send in pictures or record it in your red book.

  • Frog Prince writing: Can you write a question you would like to ask the Frog Prince?

FYI: Farm Trip = Monday 1st April